Silvia Flichman

Silvia Flichman

Silvia Flichman was born in Buenos Aires, where she lives and works.



What it is art for you? 
Maybe it’s a way of seeing life, to relate to things and people. Art can be in all the things that humans make. Eventhough when the definitions escape, one cannot doubt when there is an encounter with art.

How did you approach art?  
In my childhood my family gave it a lot of importance.

What inspires you?
Anything can inspire me, sometimes they are ideas that I catch in the shower or on the Street while I walk. I find interesting materials for collage at the most unusual times and places. Eventually, one thing leads to the next.

What are the recurring themes in your work?
I do not think there are any in particular, still, there is a background with the three universal themes: life, death and the impossibility of language. Sometimes one does not know what it is saying, the work always says more.

How is your production process?
I paint in my studio and sometimes at home.
I always liked oil but several years ago I incorporated collage and I joined the two techniques besides some others that I invented with my students over time. I do not make sketches. I usually paint several things at the same time without planning, letting it be for a while and arriving to interesting results.

How would you define your work in terms of tradition, style, school or running?
Hmmmm … I do not know. Fortunately I do not know!

What artists interest you? (Contemporaries, before or after you generation)
I find artists that interest me in all eras and styles. A few days ago, I went to a very large exhibition of etchings by Goya and although I had seen many Goyas in my life, i was moved again.
One of the contemporary artists I admire is Bolstanski, also Bill Viola.

What would you like your art to provide to the world (or to those who observe it)?
It would be enough for me if someone at least could improve his life for a moment.