Miguel Avataneo

Miguel Avataneo

What is art to you?

It is a utopian quest we undertake men who believe that the world can be better.

how you came to the art?

Very young he already painted, I remember not having done any time. I had an aunt who painted and always in my house, my parents encouraged me.

things that inspire you?


What themes are recurrent in your work?

It contained human because its plasticity me allows express I

How is your process of production? Work with sketches from register of models. I begin the work with drawing and then at various stages (acrylic and oil paintings) I’m approaching the original idea.

How would you define your work in terms of tradition, style, school or current?


Who’s influenced you?

Rembrant, Caravagio y contemporáneos Od nedrum, Claudio bravo.

What artists from previous generations are you interested in?

Lucian Freud, David Hockney and Antonio López García.

What would you like to provide your art to the world? That the public find a place where the beauty of the world is reflected in them.