Gabriela Tolomei

Gabriela Tolomei

Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1962.


She walked on a fertile spiritual road, which nurtured her work with a philosophical conception.

Since she was very small, painting was part of her life in most of her stages.

The gates to her creativity were opened through her works of art as the result of everything she has lived.

In this way her artwork becomes her reason and her job; her life center- the most intimate of her being.

Her paintings have been exhibited in Usa, England, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Spain  


In your opinion, what is Art?

Painting has always accompanied me in different steps of my life.

I am certain that this talent is a gift given to me. Together with the art, I began to undergo the best real and synchronic stage in my life, everything recovered a deep and expansive sense, and each experience was received as a beautiful and large gift.

“In our life like in the palette I use to paint, there is one color making sense in life and art; the color of love.”  That certainty was, during all my life, Chagall’s creed. When I read it, I felt reflected in its sense!

I defend the importance of color, with impressive and deep-rooted backgrounds. It is the same feeling as the fauvist artists. It experiments quite a lot with colors, as if it were alchemy, a laboratory work. I dive into the vibration of colors, its forms and lines.


Which themes are repetitive in your work?

I inspire in nature, sensations guide me.

Each work transmits a message from the feeling. The name of the work gives off a message, it gives importance to the account.

My work dives into getting to know the soul not the intellect. My topics are spirituality and mysticism.


What is your production process like?

I paint in my atelier, although I also make time to study with other teachers and nurture from other artists. Each work is a daughter of ones’ time and development, sometimes I play or I search in papers that I end bringing into works. At other times, I visualize the works when I wake up or associate with some image of time, space and place, which may have remained inside me, and I produce the work.  Other times, I begin closing my eyes and with the blank canvas and I am led, this is another way to begin with.

The creation process consists of seeing what the work is revealing to me. While I am painting words appear drawing a story with a timeless language.


How would you define your work of art according to tradition, style, school or trend?

I define my style as a lyric abstraction. I based on Fauvism with the creation through color.


Which will be your contemporary masters? Which artists, whether present or past, are you interested in?

I admire Van Gogh’s lines and Cézanne’s color. Apart from Kandinsky, a master of color –who I devoted as homage my firs series- I like my first series, I like Picasso, De Kooning, Matisse very much and some of Pollock.