Martín Bordenave

Martín Bordenave

Martín Bordenave


Martín Bordenave was born in Buenos Aires in 1971.

This creative and provocative photographer brings us his black and white images to express environmental issues, the balance between man and nature, feelings of solitude and his own personal relationship with the real world.

For him, photography is a mirror, the ultimate artistic form that captures the recurring themes in his work: incomprehension, loneliness, abandonment and distress. His style focuses on simplifying and expressing with intimacy his concerns.

“I show fragments of reality, putting limits to it in a way that the cut-out acts as an explosion of a greater reality. Each time I click, I choose. And I make a photo collage of birth-death-word-love-blood.

I separate from who I am to step into who I will be. I dig in, zero out, seek and shoot non-stop. Photography is my way of seeing myself”

“My artistic references are Cartier Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado and Diego Ortiz Mugica”.

The photographs on display are direct shots taken with a digital camera and later transferred to black and white.