Gastón Aíta

Gastón Aíta

Argentine sculptor. Born in Rosario in 1972, began as a self-training. Then he studied sculpture in art school at UNR with Fernando Ercila.

In 2000 he entered the school of fine arts from the University of Rosario. Participated in national shows as FECOR (Córdoba), obtaining prizes and awards in the category resin. Currently, he works and teaches in his studio.

His work is characterized by the grotesque in representing the human figure.

Multifaceted artist, writer and heavy metal enthusiast, Gaston brings to the life his sculptures with a mix of raw materials and much irony.

Scrap metal and epoxy resin come together giving his one of a kind sculptures the dramatic and sarcastic expression.

His art is acclaimed and sought by art collectors from Latin America, The United States, China and Europe.