Angeles Pujol

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1961).

Studied graphic design at the Panamerican School of Art, Master of fine Arts and the Visual Arts Center CAV, plus Marketing Analyst .

Attended workshops teachers: Alejandro Puente, Teresa Lascano, Carolina Antoniadis and clinical work with Rebeca Mendoza and with Eduardo Medici.

Her painting immerses us in a world of textures, brush strokes fused by high sensitivity, paper and materials. It is the combination of different materials and their particular management collage, which today gives his trademark.

“I found combining different resources a language that allows to express, Generating textures on flat baroque character and sleek contrast. Getting further into them occasionally to generate an abstract composition and other suggested configuration using gesture that occurs spontaneously or stain. In tune with the emotional and intuitive addressing different topics I appreciating the concept of reusing discarded materials.” 

Angeles has been part of private collections for 20 years. After leaving behind her job in Marketing, she began to present her work in galleries, contests and shows (Argentina, Uruguay, USA)


Mention Raggio Museum Hall Fall 2012

Mention SAAP Spring Exhibition 2012

Selection of Works for 10 years Festival Art Links National University Tres de Febrero 2013

Third prize. Expo-artistas 2013 – Cultural Center Borges

Mention Estilo Pilar 2015


What is art for you?

Its the space I choose to be with my self, for reflexion, to express my emotions. Its also a way to connect with others, to open a window that invites people to participate in my world hoping that it will complete theirs.

How did you approach art?

My mother used to paint porcelain pottery, in my house there always was paint, turpentine smell and that was very familliar to me. She was the first to notice the joy and happiness that being in contact with all those materials caused me. I loved to try out pigments, she gave me her magazines and I cut out paper dresses for my dolls and painted them. The best gift I could gave her was a drawing. She was the one who encouraged me to study fine arts.

What things inspire you?

Its very varied and Im used to trying to register everything I see. It could emerge from any encounter with a material, its texture, color, eg: a rust spot mixed with paper and graffitis. Goldsmiths work and their carving.

Memories and legacies of my own life and its enviroment. The atmosphere that a good book creates, a movie. Also traveling arround the world, absorving its culture, the people, the buildings, their customs.

The secrets of characters from other times, their refined and careful clothings, needlework; Food, rituals, pottery and ornaments.

Byzantines mosaics, Russian iconography. I feel that in some way I relate to those things. Everything is part of my spring of inspiration.

What are the recurring themes in your work?

Creating worlds with their own atmosphere and imaginary characters referring to a story inside an emotional spectrum of everything happening in my life.

How would you describe your production process?

My study its at home, that allows me to dedicate more time. I put special interest in being in contact with the materials. I recolect all kinds of objects, papers and such. (also my acrilics). I classify them according how they combine with each other. That equals a sketching proces.

Thats is how the first color pallet emerges then attached to a theme to develop.

I work with a mixed technique, tearing, cutting, sticking, painting, everithing almost at the same time. Its an intimate connection with the intuitive in constant contemplation.

My work is organized in series.

I intent to build a free language through the fusion of diverse materials, barroque textures in contrast with contemporary fragments of graphics that connects it to the present.

How would you define your work in terms of tradition, style, school or trend?

I could say that multiple artists converge in it, related to symbolism, tambien somthing of oriental print. Some lyric abstraction of Expressionism. Figures that transcend whats real, atmosphere without time, where I shape a different reality to the tangible, in a context of positivism and by seeking reconstruction on how to express the universe and what is possible.

Who’s influenced you?

My teachers (Alejandro Puente, Rebeca Mendoza, Eduardo Medici, Carolina Antoniadis) and the Writings of Luis Felipe Noé.

What artists from previous generations are you interested in?

Henri  Matisse , Gustav Klimt , kurt Schwitters, Friedensreich Hundertwasser , Jean Paul Basquiat, Manolo Millares

What would you like to contribute to the world through your art?

I have a very positive view of life, I see it like a long chain of links where each one of them represent learning, for better or worse.

I concentrate in the good things of life, things that give me joy and wellness. I try to exxpress that energy in my art.

Every piece Ive done represents those links, with hits and with misses but everything is connected and are important so I can continue with my next work.

The collage process and the use of different materials, in some way, reflect the deconstruccion and then the construccion of that world, in which those fragments aquire a new identity.

I invite the spectator to do a visual tour, to surprise in each of its corners, where everyone can start their own personal trip.