Andrés D’Arcángelo

Andrés D’Arcangelo

Andrés D'Arcangelo

Born in Buenos Aires in 1974.

Among other distinctions, he obtained in 2001 el  1° PREMIO PARA MENORES DE HASTA 30 AÑOS “  (PREMIO DE PINTURA UNIVERSIDAD DEL SALVADOR).

He exhibited in museums, cultural centers and art galleries in Argentina, Italy, Panamá, Colombia and Ecuador.

Selected exhibitions:  “Ensoñación”, solo show in 2013 en el Centro Cultural Recoleta. The same year he participated in the auction for the benefit of Caacupé ONG in the MALBA Fundación Costantini and group shows “Realismo Argentino” in DGAG Contemporary in Panama. In 2014 participated in the exhibition “Atravesar y Permanecer” in “Atrio de los Gentiles” an initiative of the Vatican in the Borges Cultural Center and the UCA.

He exhibited in: Museo Sivori, Palais de Glace, Centro Cultural Borges, Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de La Plata,  Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Mendoza, Museo Genaro Pérez (Córdoba), Arte Ba, Expotrastiendas, Galería Praxis, Galería Azur, Galería Pabellón 4 ,Galería Italarte (Rome, Italy) among others .

His work is in collections such as: Colección UADE, Colección USAL, Museo Ralli (Punta del Este) , Museo Lopez Claro, Fundación Bollini, Galería Italarte(Roma, Italia), galería Holz Bs As, Pabellon 4 arte contemporáneo , galería El Gato (Colombia), Galería Imagen (Panamá), Galería Escarlata Espacio de Arte.

From the interview to the artist:

“At 4 or 5 years I saw the movie Star Wars and was fascinated by these characters in science fiction. My Maternal grandfather, George,  gave me the toys of the film and we started to draw and paint on paper, soon also began to create my own characters and scenes, whether it was how I started to draw and paint. In adolescence I started also like the comic, I remember the magazine Zona 84, and I started drawing women with these men of science fiction, and in my work starts appearing desire, represented in surreal scenes.”

“Study in School National of Prilidiano Pueyrredon Fine Arts, where I discovered the Baroque painters, chiaroscuro, volume, realism and drama in painting. Also by that time studying in the workshop of Alejandro Boim who contribute much to my work .I received in 1996 from Professor National of Painting.”

“My work is characterized by paintings and drawings with scenic setting where the unconscious is melted, reality, desire, in a world of male interaction, feminine and fantastic where the protagonists are women and the human figure is represented by strange characters, pixelated, machines, robots, cars, etc. They are works with an influence of hyperrealism and pop surrealism that are a source of inspiration in movies, science fiction, comic and anime.”

“In 2000 I started to compete in the halls of painting and my work began to be accepted and liked by some of the most important art critics, curators and artists, which helped me to insert my work in the cultural circuit and the circuit commercial art galleries.”