Andrea Carreras

Andrea Carreras

Andrea Carreras (1963) is an upcoming artist from Buenos Aires.

She plays with the theme of the ancient and the contemporary creating a time dynamic where the old mixes with the new.

She has exhibited extensively around the world and her works has been admired and sought after by collectors throughout Latin America, United States and Europe.



What is your production process like?

The whole process of the development of the work is guided by a lot of research.

I work with oils and always appeal to the use of successive glazes.

How would you define your work of art according to tradition, style, school or trend?

My art is drawn only by interest and motivation. I am, and always have been, inclined towards the classical and neo-classical painting periods. Within these is that I find the inspiration for most of my paintings. I believe in the timelessness of such art and therefore chose to renew and revalidate it in my own neo-figurative sense.

I have started my formation focused on the analysis of the composition, the sharpening of visual assessment and the perfection of drawing and painting skills. Always guided by prestigious masters in Visual Arts and renowned painters.
I hope people are captivated by my approach just like I was when the ideas came to me. I invest deep thought, research and meditation in my paintings and can only hope these trascend the limits of the canvass to reach the viewer.